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FAQ - Designing and Making Games for GCSE projects


FAQ - Designing and Making Games for GCSE projects

Information and FAQs for those designing and making games for GCSE projects.

See also: Table-top Games.

I am designing/making a board game or some other game for my GCSE project. Can you give some advice or send some information about the products that you make?

Sorry but no, because we aren't a manufacturer, we are a retail shop. We occasionally have things made for us by a craftsman but only very small scale, high quality items - no boxed games. So we don't have any information on designing or making games and we never actually make anything ourselves.

Likewise, we can't help you with information about materials or construction of the products that we sell. If we know what a game is made from, it will already be on our website. Otherwise, we just don't know.

All the games that we sell are based upon old traditional games. We sell hardly any modern games like Monopoly or Cluedo; although we do have a selection of Scrabble games.

Please note also that we don't have any paper catalogue or brochure. We are an Internet-only, mail-order shop.

It's quite easy to find large game manufacturers on the web. Just type "game manufacturers" into Google and have a look at the top 20 results. Also, if you go to the search engine "Excite", they have a big list of Board Game Manufacturers. Here are a few manufacturers you could try.

  • Hasbro - the corporate games giant who have swallowed up other well known companies like Spear, Parker and Waddington
  • Galt
  • Gibsons Games
  • Drumond Park
  • Jaques of London

Please can you send me your sales figures for a particular game or type of game?

Sorry, but we don't like to give out our sales figures or the sources of our products to anyone who asks, as a general policy. Otherwise, our competitors could use the information to their advantage.

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