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Pub Games


Pub Games

Here at Masters Traditional Games, one of our core goals is to ensure that games that have been played in pubs for centuries don't die out due to lack of equipment or availability. We have searched high and low to locate many obscure turners and game suppliers as well as manufacturing some pub games ourselves.

We are therefore confident that ours is the best range of pub games to be found anywhere in the world. Several of our bar games cannot be obtained from any other source.

See also: FAQ - which games for your pub?. See also: Giant Games.


You can find a range of games like pool, to table skittles. They are fun to play with others and solo. Pubs are also notable for casino style games with the prominence of slot games, many of which can be played as

You can learn more about the history of Pub Games from The Online Guide to Traditional Games.

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Bar Billiards Tables. Accessories & spares for Bar Billiards

Bar Billiards tables at great prices. Range of Bar Billiards spares, parts and accessories for refurbishing / reconditioning.

Pool Tables - Slate Bed & Home Tables - English & American Pool

Huge range of Pool tables at low prices. Folding tables to slate bed, we have the right Pool Table for you. Friendly, 5-star service & free UK delivery.

Table Skittles - Bar Skittles - Devil Amongst the Tailors

Range of high quality hand-made Table Skittles for pubs and coinnosseurs & smaller Bar Skittles for the home and family. Spare parts also available

Buy Football Tables - Huge Range Of Table Football Games

Huge range of quality Football Tables - all at low prices. Family & domestic tables through to robust coin-op models for pubs & clubs. Free UK delivery.

Buy Quality Snooker Tables - Snooker Equipment & Accessories

Snooker Tables for the home & slate bed tables for clubs & connoisseurs. Excellent range of equipment & accessories from cues to cushion rubber.

Buy Darts, Dartboards & Accessories by Winmau, Unicorn & Nodor

Quality Darts equipment & dartboards from Winmau & Unicorn. All styles of Dart board and a range of Darts cabinets, mats & accessories

Quality Shove Ha'penny Boards | Best Range & Prices

A variety of quality Shove Ha'penny boards from Slate, Mahogany or Oak. Boards for play at home and spare half penny coins. Made in Britain.

Cribbage Boards - Premium Quality Crib Boards - Unique Range

A range of premium quality Cribbage boards. Inexpensive Cribbage boards, larger Crib boards for pubs and beautiful unique hand-made Cribbage boards

Bat & Trap - Bats & Traps for Pubs & Home - Knur and Spell

A range of Bat and Trap equipment for leagues and pubs as well as for the back garden and parties at home. Also Knur and Spell

Ringing the Bull | Hook & Ring Game | Pub Game

Ringing the Bull - classic pub game. Swing a ring at a hook embedded in the wall. Great talking point for pubs. Superb ice-breaker at parties.

Shut the Box | 2 & 4 Player, 9 & 12 Number Games

A range of shut the box games - inexpensive versions for the home through to larger models designed for public use. A classic dice game for the family.

Rings Game - Masters Regulation Ringboard with 6 Rings

Large sturdy version of rings - meets competition specifications, also ideal for fun play at home. Great pub game. Solid oak-faced shield-shaped board

Domino Sets - Unique Range of Double 6, 9, 12 & 15 Dominoes

Wonderful range of dominoes - ideal for gifts. High quality double six dominoes, Mexican Train dominoes, & larger domino sets

Buy Compendia - Unique range of Games Compendiums

Range of quality games compendia - ideal for gifts. Traditional Compendium of games, large games compendium tables and some unusual compendia too

Buy Indoor Pub Quoits | Step Quoits, Evesham Quoits

This sturdy version of indoor Pub quoits, also known as Evesham Quoits or Step Quoits, can be played by serious leagues or just for fun at parties.

Buy Northamptonshire Table Skittles

Buy Northamptonshire Table Skittles, also known as Hood Skittles. Buy quality pins, cheeses and skittle tables.

Nine Pin Skittles - balls & skittle pins for pubs and leagues

Largest range of traditional nine pin pub skittles and balls. All sizes and styles of pub skittles at sensible prices swiftly dispatched

Toad in the Hole table. Traditional Pub game from Sussex

Toad in the Hole - genuine Sussex pub game table. With lead-lined top and four brass toads. Made from pine by British craftsman.

Buy Aunt Sally Game - Sticks, Posts & Dolls For Aunt Sally

Aunt Sally, the Oxfordshire pub game. Knock the Aunt Sally doll off the swivel by throwing sticks at it. Buy all your Aunt Sally equipment here.

GoSports Shuffleboard & Curling 2-in-1 Table Game

Shuffleboard & Curling 2-in-1 wooden table-top game. 2 great games in 1 & over 1 metre long. Buy now, top service & speedy delivery.

Old English Bagatelle - the large game played with cues

Old English Bagatelle is no longer manufactured but we can get spares and replacements for those wishing to refurbish a table.

Hookey - Hook / Ring Toss Game

Hookey by BS Toys - a hook / ring toss game based on the traditional pub game, Rings. A fun game for children & adults to enjoy.

Hook & Ring Game (Bimini Ring)

Hook & Ring game with hardwood backboard. Bimini Ring is a fun target game for all ages - hook the ring to score.


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