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Games from India


Games from India

Which games originated in India or have an Indian connection?

Well, we've looked into this and we think that there are a few games that qualify as games from India:


Pachisi / Ludo

The children's classic, which has its roots in the ancient Indian game of Pachisi or Chaupur

Snakes and Ladders / Moksha Patam

The children's game of Snakes and Ladders is a simplistic copy of The Game of Knowledge, an Indian game from the 1700s. It was a spiritual game which is about ascending to Nirvana or the realm of the Hindu Gods, depending upon the region you play in. The board probably comes from a Trantric educational tool.


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Around 1000 AD four handed Chess was being played in India and continued to be played for centuries. There are versions of the game described being played both with and without dice.



The vast majority of Game Historians believe that Chess. or Chaturanga originated in North West India


Carrom originated in India hundreds of years ago and is a very popular board game today. Carrom is easy to understand and fun to play.

Bagh-Chal / Tigers and Goats

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Tigers and Goats is the National Game of Nepal and is one of a myriad of unequal games played across the Indian subcontinent.



Mancala is generally thought of as an African game and it's true that the game originated there. But it is very popular right through most of Asia too and certainly through India to China and the Philippines.

Snooker Tables, Equipment & Accessories

It's a little known fact that Snooker was invented in India. Some officers from the British Army took 3 existing games billiard games - Life Pool, Pyramid and Black Pool to produce Snooker, the King of all cue sports.


Let us know if you think we have missed anything off the list.

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