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Kurling / Curling


Kurling / Curling

New Age Kurling is an evolution of the original sport of Curling, adapted so that it can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface, like a sports hall instead of on ice. The robust, rubber Kurling stones run on bearings making the game accessible to everyone. It's also great fun!

Kurling began as a sporting idea for disabled people but immediately become popular with all people of all ages. Importantly, disabled people can play with or against able-bodied people on an equal level without adaptations.

New Age Kurling has been recognised by the Curling governing body as a teaching aid and many schools have incorporated the game into their sports curriculum. It is thoroughly recommended for sports clubs and activity centres. Kurling has also been used as part of rehabilitation programs in hospitals because the sport doesn't require any physical fitness to play, but exercises muscles you would not usually use.


Customers Also Viewed

Kurling Stones Set (4 Red & 4 Blue in Carry Case)

A set of 8 Kurling stones, 4 blue and 4 red. Kurling is a variation of Curling where the stones run on bearings so it can be played on any flat surface.

Kurling House Target

The target mat for the Kurling game. Used in competition play, the stone that end us nearest the centre wins the points.

Kurling Telescopic Pushers

A pair of plastic pushers with telescopic handles for the Kurling game. Allows you to play the game without having to bend down.

Kurling / Bowls Kounters Target

A numbered target mat for the Kurling game. Allows you to play a number of fun numbers game with the Kurling stones.

Kurling Golf Targets

Nine numbered scoring mats for use with the Kurling game. The mats are numbered 1 to 9 so you ca play a golf game with the Kurling stones.

Kurling Ramp | Aid for Kurling Game

A ramp for the Kurling game that allows players to shoot from a sitting position. A fantastic tool for wheelchair users that is very simple to use.

Kurling Kroquet Targets

A set of nine hoops for use with the Kurling game. Allows you to play a form of croquet. Players must roll the stones through the hoops in turn.

New Age Kurling Bundle - Includes Everything Needed To Play

A fantastic bundle of New Age Kurling products that give you all the necessary equipment needed to get playing right away. Low prices & quick dispatch.

Indoor Curling Game by BS Toys | Fun Floor Game for Children

Wooden indoor Curling game by BS Toys. For up to 4 players, for ages 6+. Low price, top service & speedy delivery from Masters of Games.


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