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  • 2 player strategy stacking game
  • With nicely made wooden components and contrasting light and dark pieces
  • Cap the columns with your pieces to score
  • Use 'blocker' pieces to disrupt your opponent
  • An interesting, compact-size abstract strategy game with plenty of strategic depth
  • Language of Rules/Instructions: English
  • For ages: 8+
  • Number of players: 2
  • Average game time: 20 minutes

Columns is a two player stacking game in which you manage an inventory of pieces with the goal of capping the most columns.

One players uses a set of light pieces, the other player uses the dark ones. Taking turns, the players thread their pieces over any of the 12 columns on board without leaving gaps underneath.

The playing pieces are of two basic types: “roundels” (disk shaped beads) and “blockers” (square-sectioned pieces). Roundels are used to score points by capping the columns, and are the only pieces that can score. The blockers prevent an opponent from placing a roundel above them, and so may be cleverly used to reserve places for your roundels on the top!

A beautiful looking, compact size game with nicely made wooden components; perfect for the coffee table.

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