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Pool Balls


Pool Balls

At Masters Traditional Games, we like to offer the best in breed and also some less expensive but still reasonable quality alternatives, where possible. When it comes to Pool balls, this can get complicated because there are in fact four types of Pool ball available, depending upon your requirements. Please read the options carefully before choosing...

The original style American Pool balls with numbers and spots and stripes can be used to play a variety of pool games. We recommend that, if in doubt, you select numbered Pool balls because this will offer more variety in the long term.

In British pubs, since the game of Eight Ball Pool is so ubiquitous, quite often a set of yellow and red balls are used. These clearly distinguish the two sets of balls in play but the disadvantage is that no other Pool games can be played with them.

2 & 1/4 inch balls are full size for use on full size American Pool tables. 2 inch balls are usually used with 7 foot tables. 1 & 7/8 inch balls tend to be used with 6 foot tables.

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Aramith Premier Engraved Pool Balls - Spots & Stripes

Aramith engraved phenolic pool balls are the highest quality pool balls available. Perfectly round and balanced with uniform weight and hardness

Aramith Pool Balls - Red & Yellow / English

Aramith league standard Pool balls in red and yellow available in different sizes. Hard wearing English Pool balls made in Belgium.

Aramith Screen Printed Pool Balls - Spots & Stripes

Aramith Screen Printed Pool Balls in a range of sizes. Hard wearing Pool balls designed for home use. Low price and friendly service.

Spots & Stripes Pool Balls - Quality Engraved Pool Balls

Great value Pool Balls for home and light commercial use. Spots and stripes in a range of sizes. Economy engraved Pool balls. Low price, top service.

Super Aramith Pro-Cup League Pools balls (2 inch)

Super Aramith Pro-Cup 8 pool ball set. Used worldwide in professional and amateur tournaments and leagues. Low price, quick dispatch & top service.


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