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Alquerque - ancient draughts/checkers game

Apologies - we cannot source this product at present so it is suspended. It is hoped that we will find another source in the long term but we cannot guarantee it.

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£37.49 (Ex.VAT)

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  • Ancient game of Alquerque - the forerunner to Draughts
  • Wooden board with vinyl playing surface
  • Storage drawer for the pieces on the underside of board
  • Wooden playing pieces
  • Manufactured in Spain

Approx. Dimensions:

41 x 31 x 4.5cm
16.1x12.2x1.8 inch

Alquerque is an ancient game of Middle Eastern origin and can be viewed as the forerunner to Draughts. A multitude of variants of Alquerque boards have been found indicating the existence of a whole family of Alquerque games and variations. Since it is not played today and because no definitive account of the rules is known, rules are conjecture based upon a partial description in the Alfonso manuscript of 1283.

Players take turns to move one of their pieces with movement only allowed along the lines inscribed upon the board.

Players can take their opponent's pieces simply by hopping over them onto a vacant point beyond.

The game of Alquerque is won by the player who first manages to take all his opponent's pieces or by the player who has more pieces when it becomes apparent that no more pieces will be taken. Alternatively, a player can win by rendering the other player unable to move.

This game is hand made by a small artisan craftshop in Spain. Each game is very slightly different - the pieces are not always uniform and and the wood has a colour-washed finish that is designed to give it a vintage look. This is not to everyone's taste so please do scrutinise the pictures before ordering.

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