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Giant Chess & Draughts
Comparison Information


Giant Chess

  Premium / Rolly Giant Chess Garden Games Giant Chess
Manufacturer Uber Games / Rolly Garden Games
King Height
2 ft, 1 inch
64 cm
King Base Diameter
8.5 inches
9.5 inches
For chequerboard
squares of size
1 - 2 feet
30 - 60 cm
Comes/Stores in 2 Cartons, each
3.5 x 2 x 2 feet
(90 x 60 x 60 cm)
2 Cartons, each
28 x 21.5 x 20 inches
(72 x 55 x 51cm)
Weight 2 x 18Kg = 36Kg 2 x 16Kg = 32 Kg


Giant Chess Pieces ComparisonComparative picture of Giant Chess pieces:

Rolly Giant pieces are on the left; Garden Games pieces are on the right.

Click on the picture to see a larger version. In summary the main differences are:

  • Premium set has more detail than the Garden Games set.
  • Premium set is made from marginally thicker PVC so is slightly more robust.
  • The base of each Premium piece is a single part whereas Garden Games set is made from 2. This makes the Premium bases more robust.
  • The fact that the Garden Games pieces split into two means that they take significantly less storage space. Thus their containing cartons are smaller and they cost less to send.
  • The more contemporary design of the Garden Games pieces is less likely to retain dirt so they may need less cleaning in the long run.

The Premium Giant Chess Set also allows for further extension. Add a set of extenders to turn the set into a Mega Premium Giant Chess Set (King height = 90cm) or add two sets of extenders to create the Ultimate Premium Giant Chess Set with the King piece standing at 120cm.

Mini Giant Chess & Draughts

  Rolly Maxi Giant Chess Garden Games Standard Chess Set Maxi Draughts
Manufacturer Rolly Garden Games Rolly
Piece / King Height 1 ft, 30 cm

1 ft, 30cm

4.5cm, 1.75 inches
Piece / King
Base Diameter
4.5 inches, 11 cm 4 inches, 10cm 11cm, 4.25 inches
For chequerboard
squares of size

6 - 12 inches
15 - 30cm

Comes/Stores in 1 Carton
60 x 43 x 43 cm
1 carton
75 x 50 x 22 cm
1 carton
38 x 30 x17cm
Weight 5.5Kg 3.5kg 2.5Kg


Mini Giant Chess Piece ComparisonComparison of Queen, Pawn, King & Knight pieces for Mini Giant Chess

For each pair, the Rolly Giant pieces are on the right; the Garden Games pieces are on the left.

The Rolly mini-giant chess pieces are more expensive but are made from significantly thicker plastic than the Garden Games set and so are much less liable to be squashed.


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