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Subsoccer - 4ft Table Football Game


Subsoccer - 4ft Table Football Game

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Subsoccer Force - 4ft Table Football Game

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  • Innovative new table football game for 2 players that's played whilst seated
  • One-on-one football showdown using just your feet on a patch of 4ft artificial turf under a table
  • Seats at either end of the table act as goals - outskill and shoot past your opponent's legs
  • Heavy-duty Subsoccer Force table that's suitable for events and intensive use
  • A truly unique eye-catching game with mass appeal that's lots of fun to play
  • Number of players: 2

Subsoccer is a new, innovative table football game that's played in pairs whilst seated. Using your feet - under a see-through table-top on artificial turf - try to outskill your opponent and shoot past their legs to score. Two chairs act as goals at either end of the table and the game is played with a smaller, more agile football than the official game ball.

Approx. Dimensions:

Table: L 144 x W 89 x H 75cm
Table: L 4.7x2.9x2.5 feet

Designed to be left outdoors in all weathers but we recommend storing it inside during extreme weather and over winter.

Developed in Finland, Subsoccer is a truly unique take on table football. Rapidly gaining popularity throughout Scandinavia, you can now enjoy Subsoccer in the UK. It's eye-catching, has mass appeal and lots of fun to play. It's also heavy-duty, suitable for intensive use and therefore ideal for events and hire companies.

Subsoccer is also very inclusive. Almost anyone can enjoy the game regardless of age, if you like or dislike football or whether you are skilled at the full size game. Also, the dimensions of the table are such that there is no risk of getting a serious kick in the shins!

The Subsoccer table and chairs are made from aluminium with plastic moulded corner pieces. This ensures a sturdy, robust structure for playing. Two transparent plexiglass pieces are then set on the table surface. The goal nets of the chair are made of durable cord and these are easy and quick to attach / detach. The base of the game is made of artificial turf, and we recommend a floor mat to be placed under the entire unit.

When you take down the goal and side nets, Subsoccer is a flexible fixture that can be used as a desk or table.


  • Take your shoes off
  • The winner of the Rock Paper Scissors game gets to start
  • Kickoff always inside the own goal area
  • Never stand up! You must be seated at all times
  • Always keep your feet on your own side of the field
  • The first one to score 3 goals is the winner


  • Table: 144 x 89 x 75cm
  • Chair: 83 x 45 x 45cm
  • Table top: 123.6 x 73cm
  • Floor turf: 123.8 x 8.9cm
  • Total weight (approx): 50kg
  • Floor area required for the game: 234 x 89cm


  • 1 x Subsoccer table
  • 2 x Subsoccer chairs / goals
  • 1 x 6mm see-through table-top
  • 1 x artificial floor turf
  • 1 x official Subsoccer game ball
  • 1 x official rules


Subsoccer tables can also be branded. Please contact us for further information and prices.


Subsoccer is delivered partially assembled in three packages. Assembling the product takes approximately 30 minutes.
Please contact us for a shipping quote.

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